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Help OAS monitor Bald Eagle nests statewide in Louisiana and Mississippi. Please report nest locations, date observed, number of eagles, and status of the nest (e.g., courtship, nest building, incubating eggs, brooding sheltering or feeding young, and number of young if known). Location information may include GPS or Google Earth coordinates, maps made in Google Earth, kml files, etc.

Include your contact information for follow up questions. Email observations to: jenniferocoulson@gmail.com

If any nest in Louisiana is accessible from a public area, recommend it as an eBird Hotspot and submit your observations as incidental reports. Many of these nests are already eBird Hotspots (e.g., Pontchartrain Park nest).

Bald Eagles can be especially sensitive to human disturbance around the nest. When monitoring any raptor nest, and particularly when monitoring an eagle nest, it is important to maintain a safe distance from the nest and do everything possible to minimize or avoid disturbance. Please review these "Eagle Watching Etiquette" guidelines provided by the Florida Freshwater Fish and Game Commission: http://www.myfwc.com/media/3800813/eagle-etiquette.pdf

Photo by Terri Skelton


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