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Swallow-tailed Kite Conservation

Help us to locate and monitor Swallow-tailed Kite nests, roosts and foraging flocks in TX, LA, and MS by reporting your sightings.

How to submit data:

1) If you report your sighting through eBird, please include very specific location details. This may be provided in the details section or you may enter the geographic coordinates using eBird's mapping feature.

2) Or report your observations directly to Dr. Jennifer Coulson by email: jacoulson@aol.com or text: (504) 717-3544 or call and leave a voice message.
What to report: Observer's name and contact information, date, time, location of sighting(please be as specific as possible), number of kites observed, behaviors (e.g., flying (please provide the direction the kite was heading), feeding/hunting insects, nest building, carrying food, feeding young, number of young, etc.).

We hope to increase Swallow-tailed Kite nest success and productivity by protecting nests from disturbance, intervening when we detect a problem, and rescuing injured kites.

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