Beginner’s Birding Zine

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Mike Mahoney’s A Beginner’s Zine to Birding the Parks, Street Corners and Backyards of New Orleans will get you started.

The Zine’s Backstory

Mike Mahoney, explained in a recent interview, “I had the idea for the zine when I returned to New Orleans after working a few years of seasonal bird monitoring positions. So many of my friends outside of Louisiana were birders, and many of the places I birded post-college had diverse community (but still mostly white) of bird enthusiasts. I needed a resource I could give my friends as an introduction to the world to where my mind often escaped…birding!

The pandemic and protests surrounding the killing of George Floyd amplified my desires to create this document as a more inclusive introduction to the hobby, tying together social, political, and ecological pressures in the birding world. Because “the great outdoors” can be inaccessible to so many, I focused the guide around urban birding.

This zine introduces people to nature through birding. Accessibility is also at the core of this project. I hope to demystify the language around birds. Most importantly, I hope to communicate that while birding may be hard, an appreciation for birds is easy.”

Bringing Birding into the Classroom

Anyone donating to this project will receive a printed copy of A Beginner’s Zine to Birding. Depending on the donation level, you will also sponsor a student’s zine, or perhaps sponsor zines for an entire classroom. Help introduce birding to kids everywhere, from the inner city to the suburbs and beyond!