Birding Workshops and Courses

Beginning Birdwatching Course – Spring 2021

Watching birds can enrich your life in multiple ways. Are you looking for an activity that will teach you a skill offering lifelong enjoyment, relaxation, and exercise? Are you interested in animals and the outdoors? If so, the Beginning Bird Watching Course is for you!

Bird watching is a truly rewarding hobby, especially during the pandemic. It can be enjoyed just about anywhere including your backyard, a local park, or on vacation. This course is designed to get you started in bird watching.

The pandemic version of this course consists of two lecture-format classes. Ornithologist, Dr. Jennifer Coulson, and OAS Education Chair, Wendy Rihner, provide birding tips on everything from purchasing and using binoculars and field guides to how to identify birds by sight, sound, and behavior. Students will receive a basic introduction to ornithology and to local birding and ornithological groups. Wendy will also provide recommendations for attracting birds to your yard and Jennifer will recommend locations for local, self-guided bird watching outings.

Beginning Birding – Part 1: Getting Started and Birding Resources
Instructor: Wendy Rihner

OAS Education Chair, Wendy Rihner, tells you what you need to know to get started in birdwatching and gardening with native plants to attract birds. She explains differences in binoculars and recommends field guides and birding apps, introduces you to eBird. She also provides guidance and resources to help you attract birds to your yard using native plants.

Access the Zoom recording here on the Orleans Audubon Society YouTube channel.

Beginning Birding – Part 2: Introduction to Ornithology
Instructor: Dr. Jennifer Coulson

Dr. Coulson first provides an overview of the biology of birds, including evolutionary origins, distinguishing characteristics, and how birds are classified. Jennifer will then provide many identification tips as she introduces you to local, common birds. Her presentation will also feature up close looks at live birds of prey. Also see the two handouts to accompany this class below, one on birding and ornithology resources and another on local birding destinations.

Access the Zoom recording here on the Orleans Audubon Society YouTube channel.


Birding and Ornithology Resources:

Orleans Audubon Society 2021 Birding_Handout_Ornithology

Local Birding Spots:

Orleans Audubon Society 2021 Local_Birding_Destinations